The simplicity and magic of off grid living, reliable light & power can now be with you at all times, all you need is the sun. Read how the SunBell Smart & Move Smart will uniquely enhance your off grid life.



Expand your horizons, live without restrictions. Travel to remote locations, or the remotest and best corners of a campsite. Light and power will always be with you with the SunBell Smart or Move Smart.

The SunBell offers flexibility and style, whilst the Move delivers functionality and pocket portability.


The SunBell is ideally suited to tent living as it also comes with a three metre cable that connects the solar panel to the lantern. This allows for the solar panel to be placed in the best position for the sun and away from the lantern and tent

Go green and travel far, without the need for batteries and power banks. The sun is free and natural, so make full use.




The Move Smart and the SunBell Smart are tailor-made for festivals and will become an essential part of your festival and off-grid life.

The pocket size Move Smart is tough and highly adaptable, providing light and power for your mobile phone when you need it just by capturing the power of the sun. The pocket portability of the Move Smart enhances its appeal to festival life. It is also shock proof and with advanced weather proofing. The SunBell Smart offers the same power and flexibility as the Move Smart if space is less of a concern.

With either option, there is now no need for power banks for your smartphone, batteries for your lights or the need to use phone charging facilities, everything is with you, keeping it simple in one robust reliable unit.




Glamping turns traditional camping into a luxury camping experience. 


Beautiful settings are often combined with comfortable beds, duvets, rugs and other creature comforts to create a unique experience.

The SunBell Smart perfectly complements this wonderful setting, providing the ultimate in electricity free natural light and power in a flexible and elegant form, further enhancing the appeal of any Glamping site.

Glamping should be the harmonisation of green and 'back to nature' living, blended with modern creature comforts. To do away with electricity for power and light is now possible with the SunBell Smart



Etc. is everything else to which the Move Smart & SunBell Smart can add their green and beautiful credentials. Here are some we have thought of:-

  • ​Mountaineering

  • Sailing

  • Hiking

  • Holidays (it can be a dark walk back from the taverna)

  • Children's dens (highly durable and safer than electricity)

  • Garden lighting

  • Etc.

Embrace your outdoor life and go off-grid. Wherever there is the sun, you will have power and light.